New Initiatives

Future is Bright Lab and Library

The first of our new initiatives is our Future is Bright Lab and Library. Our lab allows youth to rent laptops, smartphones, hard drives, and additional tech for nominal fees. In the wake of COVID-19, we initiated the lab and library to give PEPY youth access to IT for their work and studies. Before the lab, our participants only had access to computers during class, inhibiting their ability to increase their IT skills. 

During lockdowns, this issue became a priority for our organization. For starters, students had difficulty joining and participating in their classes at PEPY and in school. They even had to complete homework assignments on their phones. We knew we needed to address this quickly and launched the library in late 2020. 

Today, the lab has enabled students to be more technologically proficient than we could have ever anticipated!  Alumni and scholars use IT to promote their businesses, teach online, and are learning how to code! Consequently, we have developed a stronger IT curriculum and created a hub space for exchanging ideas and hosting coding club meetings.

We are currently seeking in-kind donations and raising funds to obtain more second-hand and new computers to meet the needs of our community! If you are able to help please contact us!

Siem Reap Entrepreneurs' Future Innovators Exhibitions

In July 2022, our YISI team spearheaded the first ever exhibition for Siem Reap entrepreneurs. The purpose of the exhibitions are to give all interested entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their service or product to receive valuable feedback. To reach as many entrepreneurs as possible, we coordinate with all active incubator programs in the region. After each exhibition, the data collected will help youth make effective decisions on their business and decide how to best serve their customer base. 

In addition to the exhibitionists, musicians and artists, panels, and food vendor entrepreneurs also participate, attracted large audiences. 

The first exhibition attracted over 700 participants and the second had over 750! PEPY team and the incubator program partners anticipate the event continuing to grow in scale. We are thrilled that the exhibitions have been so successful! In the future, we plan for more entrepreneurs to join the exhibitions to get exposed to many potential customers and build their business.